Coffee & People #1 (An Intro)

Welcome to issue 1.

It’s 2pm on a Tuesday in tokyo. It’s hot, my t-shirt is sticking to me like a bed sheet, and the humidity is suffocating. However, I like this time of day. This is when I make my way to my local cafe for an espresso.

Whenever possible, I always sit outside at a cafe, not because I have anything against interiors, but because I like sitting outside when I’m by myself. Being outside keeps me connected to a city and its inhabitants…

These are the opening lines of my first issue of my zine, ‘Coffee & People.’ The story begins here in Tokyo, but then leads to an experience I had when I lived in London in 2005/6. The story, is one that I always wanted to tell in print, and writing it in a zine was the route I wanted to take. I am now working on issue 6 of my zine, and will introduce you to the other issues as the weeks unfold.

If you are interested in a copy, or any other of the issues, they are all listed here fiveoclockzine.

Thank you,

Craig Atkinson.

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