Twelve Months On (July’16-’17)

Not that we knew it, but this time last year we were a month away from the surprise birth of our second child. In fact, he was born a month premature, albeit happy and healthy, thankfully.  

In addition from being completely unaware that my second son was about to be born, I was also blogging a lot more, although in a completely different style to how I do it now. Now, the process I’m following is much better, but far from perfect. You see, I launched this website in April this year, however I’ve struggled to post regularly. Let me explain.

“Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that you don’t want to get scuffed. So, you’re overprotective and only wear them on very special occasions, but by doing this you don’t really get a chance to enjoy the comfort and the pride of owning those shoes. Then in the end they sit on your shelf and you only tell people about them, they become more of a burden than a joy. Then weeks later, they end up ‘owning you’ rather than the other way around. Then finally, they get that first scuff, a little dirty, then you realise that they are nothing but a means to get you from A to B, albeit more stylish than the old pair.”

Quantity X Quality.

These are often hard to produce well when done individually or combined, but not impossible. Therefore during the month of July I have set myself a challenge to produce two blogs a week at the highest quality I can. To stop these becoming just empty words, I have set up an accountability group with members with their own goals for the month, and together we will support each other to complete them.

If you would like to join the group (it’s never too late), just contact me via here or on twitter (@AtkinsonCraig).


Thank you.

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