Getting Up Early Doesn’t Equal Productivity. 

I used to think that if I got up earlier, I’d get much more done. However, having more time isn’t the complete answer. It’s what we do in that time that helps us achieve more. 

For the last two months I’ve been getting up at 5 am. I started doing it out of pure frustration of what was my current life. I had an ever growing list of projects I wanted to work on, but only seemed to be making little headway, so that’s when I made the decision. 
When I first started getting up early, I would jump around from project to project. I would read for ten minutes, then check over and rewrite my to-do list, work on a blog for thirty minutes, then work on something else, then continue to jump from one thing to another. However, after a week or two at this I still had very little to show for it. 

So what changed?
I caught up with a friend for coffee, and he shared these kind words with me. He said, that my day should be based around, and in preparation for a small window of one to two hours of writing. No one can write non-stop for six to eight hours in a day, even though we’d all like to. But, that I should focus on creating a clear time, free from all distractions to work on one project. He then went on to say, that every other aspect of my day should be used to fuel that time, by creating, reading, learning, and being inspired. 
I have seen this is his life, and in the lives of other creatives that I have spent time with, and it pushes me to emulate that in my life. I have now restructured what I do within my routine to help myself be more productive. Although it’s still a work in progress, and one I know will change over time. 


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